Friday C Flights

The Ladies’ Divisions and the Coed Divisions have reached capacity on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We have opened registration for the Friday Night C Flights!

Games will be scheduled on Friday nights each week, but team captains are encouraged to agree on alternative dates and times that work best for your team on the league WhatsApp group!

Teams are asked to select Ladies’ 6s C division or the Coed 4s C division. Ladies’ division teams may be comprised of 2-6 females (not including subs), while the Coed 4s division may have 2-4 players on the court with a minimum of one being female.

The “Spring” season will begin the first week of June and run for roughly 8 weeks based on league enrolment. The “Fall” season begins early August and will run for the same duration. Teams may register for both right away to guarantee their spot and receive a discounted rate.

C Division Champions will be offered an opportunity to play in a promotion match to join their respective B Divisions for the following year.